Employment Opportunities in BC Independent Schools

Employment Opportunities in BC Independent Schools

There are 82,000 students, or 13% of the overall K-12 enrolment in BC, attending independent schools in 2016-17. These schools are independently operated and partially funded by the government of British Columbia. Independent schools are chosen by families for their children because of the choice of programs being offered, the religious foundation on which many schools are based such as Catholic, Christian, Sikh, Islam, or Jewish, the pedagogical perspectives as in Montessori and Waldorf schools, schools supporting students with special needs and university preparatory schools. In most cases, independent schools offer their own compensation and benefits packages so teachers wishing to teach in a specific type of independent school, should apply directly to the schools offering a position. These schools offer excellent teaching assignments for perspective teachers.

Distributed Learning (DL) Schools are also available in four of the five associations in FISA.

The Federation of Independent School Associations advocates for five different associations in BC. You can view employment opportunities in each association by clicking on any of the following links:

Association of Christian Schools International in BC (ACSIBC)

There are 28 ACSIBC schools located throughout British Columbia. These schools teach the British Columbia curriculum in a Christian environment that a biblically-based. Employment opportunities may be viewed Here.

Associate Member Group (AMG)
There are 126 independent schools operated by an independent school authority. These schools are BC certified and include a wide range of philosophical, pedagogical and religious values such as Sikh, Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Seventh Day Adventist, special needs and First Nations schools. To view employment opportunities within AMG, click Here.

Catholic Independent Schools (CIS)
Catholic schools in BC have been in existence since the late 1800’s. Today, the five (5) Catholic dioceses in the province support 77 Catholic schools which provide religious and moral reference points to help students critically examine the culture around them and build a society enlightened by the values of the Gospel.

• Employment opportunities for the Catholic Independent Schools Vancouver Archdiocese may be viewed Here.

• Employment for CIS Diocese of Victoria may be viewed Here.

• Employment for the Kamloops Diocese may be viewed Here.

• Employment for the Prince George Diocese may be viewed Here.

• Employment for the Nelson Diocese may be viewed Here.

Independent Schools Association in British Columbia (ISABC)
There are 26 ISABC schools that have a long-standing tradition of providing outstanding learning experiences for young people in British Columbia. Current approaches in teaching and learning at the schools of the ISABC focus on preparing young people for learning and living as global citizens in an ever-changing world. Employment opportunities in ISABC schools may be viewed Here.

Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia (SCSBC)
The Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia operate 40 autonomous Christian schools sharing a biblical vision for Christian education. Their purpose is to strengthen and promote Christian education by serving, supporting, and encouraging our students and others in this endeavor. Employment opportunities in SCSBC schools may be viewed Here.