The Federation of Independent School Associations in BC (FISA BC), established in 1966, is an umbrella organization for independent school groups in British Columbia. Independent schools are understood to be those schools not owned and operated by the province, and which are regulated by the Independent School Act. FISA BC is a non-profit society registered with the Corporate and Personal Property Registries office, Ministry of Finance of BC, Victoria, British Columbia, under the provisions of the Society Act of BC.

The Federation is the voice for its members in British Columbia, and acts as a liaison between the schools and the government, as well as other educational institutions.  FISA BC is dedicated to assisting independent schools in maintaining their independence, while seeking fair treatment for them in legislative and financial matters.

The advantage of membership in FISA BC lies in belonging to a community that shares a commitment to freedom of choice in education. This is accomplished by providing equal representation on the Board to each member group and considering all points of view before making collective decisions.

The Federation is committed to non-partisan political activity. Maintaining positive and respectful working relationships with all the educational stake-holder groups in the province and government is a priority for FISA BC.


ACSIBC:        Association of Christian Schools International in BC

AMS:             Associate Member Society of FISABC (formerly Associate Member Group)

CIS              Catholic Independent Schools (formerly named Catholic Public Schools CPS)

ISABC:          Independent Schools Association of British Columbia

SCSBC        Society of Christian Schools in BC (formerly National Union of Christian SD- 12)