Founded in 1966 and reconstituted in 2018, FISA BC’s commitment to its founding purposes and principles remains unchanged. These express FISA BC’s “heart and soul.”

NAME OF SOCIETY: Federation of Independent School Associations in British Columbia

The name of the Society is the Federation of Independent School Associations in British Columbia.


The purposes of the Society are:

  • to advocate on behalf of independent schools on educational, political, professional and organizational issues;
  • to make known to the public and government the rightful place and responsibility of independent schools within a democratic and pluralistic society;
  • to strengthen understanding and co-operation between independent schools and other educational institutions and other organizations in general, and between independent schools and government in particular;
  • to support and encourage high standards in the independent schools of British Columbia;
  • to administer funds, including the distribution and investment of such funds, received by the Society from government or any other source for any purpose;
  • to support the Federation’s member associations and member schools in the achievement of their goals of providing quality education to their students; and
  • to engage in such other related services and activities as the Board of Directors may decide.

FISA BC’s Bylaws can be accessed HERE