SET-BC – Fall intake cycle closes on Nov. 22, 2023

Intake for School Requests for SET-BC Student-Based Full Service Supports for the second half of the 2023-2024 school year is open, with support beginning mid to late January of 2024.

Completed Applications Deadline: Submission date for completed Full-Service applications is due November 22nd, 2023.

Priority is given to those students who have complex needs requiring complex technology solutions for whom the school is not able to provide technology or support on its own.


Dry Grad Grant 

FISA BC is usually advised in late November if a campaign will be held the following spring. In the interim, and to assist schools, we have posted this application form without due dates. Please feel free to complete and forward this application form to our office. We will include it in our request for the grant in the event we receive notice a campaign will be held. Note: Dry Grad payments vary tremendously as the program is based solely on customer donations. Payments to independent schools range from under $20 to $300.

2023-24 Dry Grad Tentative Application

ArtStarts – Artists in Education Grant (AIE) 

ArtStarts provides a grant of approximately $25,000 annually to FISA in support of artistic endeavours in independent schools. Group 1, 2, 3, and 4 schools are encouraged to apply in order to receive up to 70% of the costs associated with bringing students and professional artists together.

2023-24 Application for ArtStarts AIE Grant – due Sept 12th – late applications will be waitlisted



Associate Member Society of FISABC (AMS) Membership

AMS Membership Application Form 2023-24

Note: Schools must successfully complete the Ministry of Education External Evaluation process in order to be eligible for AMS membership. Interim certification status is insufficient for membership consideration.