This section is provided to visitors who are doing research on independent schools in British Columbia and other provinces in Canada, as well as jurisdictions outside of Canada.

Current Resources

Temporary access to currently relevant documents.

Further Readings

A collection of resources on independent or private school education.


Helpful Internet links to provincial, national and international educational agencies.

Ministry of Education

Contact information for the Education Minister, Deputy Minister and officials within the Office of the Inspector of Independent Schools in British Columbia

Royal Commission

Commissioner Barry M. Sullivan, Q.C. was appointed Commissioner of the Royal Commission on Education March 14, 1987. He submitted his report on July 15, 1988. The report was entitled A Legacy for Learners: Report of the Royal Commission on Education. This link provides an extract from the report, pages 198-203, dealing with independent schools.


Current and historical statistics on the number of independent schools, their enrollment and the amount of public funding provided to independent schools in British Columbia.

The Law

Provides information from International law on parental choice in education.