FISA BC serves its members by acting as the collective voice for independent schools in British Columbia. On their behalf through the elected Board of Directors, FISA BC addresses all issues arising out of policies that impact the operation of independent schools, from provincial policies on curriculum, funding, and teacher certification to federal policies on tax issues governing charities.  FISA BC cooperates with government to implement requirements of the Independent School Act, administer some grant programs, and provide information to all enquirers.

FISA BC acts to secure equitable sharing of educational tax dollars:

  • by ensuring continuation of the present grant and funding formula, including grants for special needs
  • by working to improve the sharing of learning resources

FISA BC acts to maintain independence while cooperating with government:

  • by consulting frequently on educational policy with Ministry officials
  • by proposing names for members of the BC Teachers Council
  • by proposing names for Independent School Teacher Certification Committee members
  • by proposing names for examination and assessment test panel members
  • by serving on various Ministry of Education committees, including the Education Advisory Council

FISA BC acts to increase public acceptance of independent schools:

  • by visiting MLAs and legislative sessions when educational issues are debated
  • by participating in media interviews and responding to media reports
  • by visiting conventions of educational bodies such as BC School Trustees Association, BC Teachers’ Federation, and BC Council of Teachers
  • by attending political party conventions
  • by coordinating non-partisan informational campaigns during elections

FISA BC acts as an information service for schools:

  • by supplying the web-based Independent Schools Directory
  • by supplying information through the FISA BC Newsletter and memos
  • by supplying information to researchers and the media
  • by supplying information on government independent school policy to inquirers

FISA BC acts as a central office for agencies such as:

  • the BC Ministry of Education programs such as the Dogwood District/Authority Awards and the FSA marking sessions
  • the Federal Government French Language Basic Grants
  • the Vancouver Foundation – Artists in Education Grants
  • the BC Arts Council – Artists in Education Grants
  • the BC Liquor Distribution Branch Dry Grad Grants
  • To obtain information or application forms for these awards or grants see “Forms Applications” at the top right portion of this page.

This category of service contributes more to independent schools than the membership fees FISA receives.