FAQs for Schools

What is FISA BC?

The Federation of Independent School Associations in BC (FISA BC) is a voluntary association of all major independent school groups in the province of British Columbia.

What kinds of schools are members through the membership groups in FISA BC?

All kinds. FISA BC encompasses special needs, university prep, religious, outdoor ed, international students, Montessori, and Waldorf schools. Sixty percent of independent schools have a religious connection.

How many independent school groups constitute the membership of FISA BC?

There are five groups. See “Member Associations” in the drop-down list under “Who Are We?” to see a brief description of each group.

What are the requirements for schools for government classification?

Requirements for Schools

What is the cost of membership in FISA BC?

The 2021-2022 membership fee for FISA BC is $6.25 per student year. In addition, each association has their own membership fee structure.

Our school wishes to learn more about FISA BC before we apply for membership. To whom would we speak?

Email the FISA BC office at info@fisabc.ca.

How is FISA BC governed?

FISA BC is a member-funded non-profit society that is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the member associations. Each of the associations chooses three individuals to serve as a director, due to its diversity the Associate Member Society is granted three additional director positions.

How do I start a new independent school?  

The Ministry of Education determines eligibility for independent school certification and operation. Information on how to establish an independent school, please visit this link: MoE Independent School.

The FISA BC office is unable to assist with the school start up process. A list of educational consultants who are experienced in establishing independent schools is available upon request. Email info@fisabc.ca to request the consultant list.