Mental Health Pro-D Recordings

Taking Action with the MDI (May 24, 2024)

MDI Data Dashboard – the MDI Data Dashboard allows you to view Neighbourhood profiles and maps, data trends over time, and compare MDI data with other HELP tools, such as the Early Development Instrument (EDI).
MDI Companion Guide – a companion guide to the MDI reports that provides a description of all the questions on the MDI, including a description of each measure, how questions are scored, and how the results are presented in reports.
 MDI Quicksheets – a 2-pager summary of each of the key MDI concepts with updated research highlights and ideas for moving to action. – an excellent resource for access to lesson plan templates that may help you and your individual school team start the conversation during staff meetings, and in the classroom.
Google Doc Template for a lesson plan to support conversations in your school: Taking Action with MDI data- Lesson Planning
Link to the “Student Relationship Mapping” activity from Crofton House School: 


Compassionate Systems Leadership with Dr. Shirley Giroux

Recordings of FISA’s Compassionate Systems Leadership webinar series are available for viewing in the our Video Gallery HERE.
See HERE for information on the 2022-2023 CLS webinar series and registration links.
Learn more about Dr. Giroux’s work with CSL here.


Introduction to Foundry Services
A recording of the Mar. 4, 2022 session is available for viewing HERE
For more information on the services Foundry provides please visit


FISA Mental Health Mini Session with Dr. Laurie Anderson: Educator Well-Being in Uncertain
A recording of the Jan. 6, 2022 session is available for viewing in the HERE.


MDI data: Now What? How schools can make use of their MDI reports
Recording available for viewing HERE


A recording of the 2020-21 Mental Health Provincial Outreach online Pro-D event, is available for viewing HERE.The presenters, Jamie Morris and Michelle Hussey, led participants through the website and explored the value offered to schools choosing to participate in theMDI