Provincial Outreach & Regional Tour

Regional Tour Fall 2021

Regional Tour 2021 Slide Deck

Due to COVID-19 there will be no 2021-2022 Provincial Outreach Pro-D 


2020-2021 Provincial Outreach
Mental Health and Wellbeing with Jamie Morris and Michelle Hussey

A recording of the 2020-21 Mental Health Provincial Outreach online Pro-D event, is available for viewing here. The presenters, Jamie Morris and Michelle Hussey, led participants through the website and explored the value offered to schools choosing to participate in the MDI.


2019-2020 Provincial Outreach
Trauma Informed Classrooms with Dr. Linda O’Neill

Trauma Informed Classroom Strategies Manual

Interventions for Children Experiencing Complex Trauma

Adolescent and Youth Resource Manual

ACEs Informed Guide for Schools


2018-2019 Provincial Outreach and Regional Tour
Learning-Centred Design with Brenda Ball, Darren Spyksma, Greg Gerber & Denise Lamarche

2018 Outreach Slides morning

2018 Outreach Slides afternoon

Provincial Outreach Visual Notes

Regional Tour 2018 Slide Deck


2017-2018 Provincial Outreach and Regional Tour
Assessment & Reporting in the Modernized Curriculum with Rose Pillay, Jodie Sussex & Greg Gerber 

Assessment Session


Curriculum, Assessment, Reporting & Graduation

Regional Tour 2017

Living Assessment & Communicating Student Learning

Core Competencies ED Camp

FISA BC express sincere thanks to the Ministry of Education for supporting professional learning in independent schools. We also extend special thanks to the member schools who have graciously agreed to serve as hosts for these events.