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Oct 17

There are facts. And then there are perceptions. Perceptions about how Independent schools are funded often lead to misunderstandings among BC taxpayers so FISA’s executive director, Peter Froese, is anxious to set the record straight. The first point he wants to emphasize is that no taxpayer money ever goes to capital costs for Independent schools… Read More »

Aug 22

Society demands choice in toothpaste, clothing, cars and restaurants — shouldn’t it allow choice in education as well? “That, in fact, is one of the core principles behind FISA“, says Doug Lauson – a former teacher, principal and Superintendent for the Catholic Independent Schools in the Vancouver Archdiocese. Now an educational consultant, Lauson remembers the… Read More »

Jun 16

Most parents have heard of home-schooling. But not everyone has heard of DL schooling — a hybrid style that joins home-based learning with support from — and accountability to —a traditional school. DL — which stands for “Distributed Learning” — is a growing opportunity in BC where some 40,180 students are enrolled in a combination… Read More »

May 12

Jim Christopher recently met with the parents of a Grade 2 public school student. As the head of Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School in North Vancouver, he sees many such families. “Their school had just said to them, ‘your child’s needs are too great and we can’t meet them,’’ Christopher recalls. “We have a steady stream… Read More »

May 4

As the principal of St. Ann’s Academy in Kamloops, Shawn Chisholm knows his basic arithmetic. Independent school students — there are roughly 1,000 of them in Kamloops —are funded by the provincial government at 50% of what public school students receive. That saves taxpayers roughly $4 million a year for Kamloops alone. And if you… Read More »

Apr 26

For Isagani Cruz, a Catholic of Filipino descent, the decision to send his three children to an independent school was easy. The harder part is paying the bills. Tuition at Our Lady of Mercy, in Burnaby, costs $230/month for his daughter in grade 7. And tuition at St. Thomas Moore Collegiate, also in Burnaby, costs… Read More »