FISA BC is a federation of independent school associations. Therefore, independent schools, also known as private schools in other jurisdictions, become members of FISA BC by being members in good standing of one of FISA BC’s five associations. The process of membership is established by each association in accordance with its policies.

Association of Christian Schools International BC
Associated Member Society of the FISA BC
Society of Christian Schools in BC
Independent School Association of British Columbia
Catholic Independent Schools in BC

In addition to adhering to association-specific criteria for membership, schools must:

  1. be certified as a Group 1, 2, 3 or 4 by the BC Ministry of Education (interim certification is not sufficient)
  2. agree with the objects and principles of the Federation as stated in the FISA Constitution
  3. operate in accordance with the Independent School Act
  4. agree to maintain responsible educational standards
  5. be located in British Columbia
  6. agree to a two-year probationary period
  7. agree to pay the annual fees.

New schools generally enter into FISA BC through the Associate Member Society (AMS). AMS Membership Application 2022-23