Independent schools, also known as private schools in other jurisdictions, may become members of FISA BC if the authority, or governing body, meets the following conditions. The independent school authority must:

  • Be located in British Columbia.
  • Be an incorporated entity or be designated as an authority under the Independent School Act for British Columbia.
  • Express agreement with the constitution of FISA BC.
  • Agree to pay annual membership fees as determined by the Directors from time to time.
  • Maintain responsible educational programs and standards.
  • Maintain a certificate of group classification pursuant to the Independent School Act of British Columbia and all amendments to it.
  • Agree to a two-year probation period during which time the Directors can terminate the membership.

Any new member to FISA BC will be classified in one of five classes of membership in the Society:

  • If the new incorporated entity offers education from a Catholic perspective and is approved by one of five dioceses in British Columbia, the new member may be eligible in the Catholic Independent School (CIS) class.
  • A new member that wishes to affiliate with the Society of Christian schools in British Columbia (SCSBC) must apply for membership with the SCSBC.
  • A new member that wishes to affiliate with the Association of Christian Schools International in British Columbia (ACSI BC) must apply for membership with ACSI BC. Membership with ACSI BC requires membership with FISA BC.
  • A new member that offers education with an emphasis on preparation for university studies and has been incorporated for at least four years is eligible to apply for membership in the Independent Schools Association in British Columbia (ISABC).
  • A new member that does not join CIS, SCSBC, ACSIBC, or ISABC and meets all the conditions of membership set by FISA BC may be eligible for membership with the Associate Member Group (AMG).

The process of membership for CIS, SCSBC, ACSIBC and ISABC is established by each association in accordance with its own membership policies. Applicants should contact these associations directly by linking to their logos on the FISA BC home page.

A new applicant that may be eligible for membership with AMG may apply to FISA BC on a membership application form available on this website. FISA BC schedules a school visit to ensure that the applicant is in compliance with Part A above. A report is presented to the FISA BC Board of Directors for the school’s acceptance. Upon acceptance, a letter of FISA BC membership is sent to the new member.