Federation of Independent School Associations
British Columbia

The Voice

For Independent Schools In BC

FISA BC is a non-profit society registered with the Corporate and Personal Property Registries office, Ministry of Finance of BC, Victoria, British Columbia. There are currently 292 independent schools that are voluntary members of FISA BC, representing 91% of the total independent school enrolment (2012/2013).


Should independent school property necessary to provide an educational program be property tax exempt like public schools?:

Quick Facts

Independent schools in BC offer a wide range of faith-based. philosophical, and pedagogical perspectives, including Catholic, Protestant, University Prep (AP and IB), Jewish, Islamic, Montessori, Waldorf, Special Needs, and Distributed Learning Instruction.
Group 2 independent schools have higher operating costs than the public school districts in which they are located, and therefore receive only 35% of the public school grant for operating costs.