SET-BC 2023-24 Application – Due May 31, 2023

The June Intake for School Requests for Student Supports for the 2023-2024 school year is open, with support beginning mid to later September.  SET-BC has separated the Full-Service request forms/applications and the Assistive Technology-Only request forms /applications. Presently only the Full-Service request form is available on the website.



  • There are changes to the Assistive Technology-Only Loan Requests.  The intent of such requests remains the same: these loans are intended just for those district or school teams who have the internal capacityto implement the technology loaned to a student without the need of support from SET-BC educators or specialists. SET-BC has always intended for these loan requests to be far fewer than our Full-Service requests (Assistive Technology Loan and Education Team Support).  SET-BC wants you to be able to focus on the Full-Service requests as those are submitted on behalf of the most complex students in the province and they require the most concentrated support.


  • Based on provincial feedback, starting this fall, SET-BC will be accepting AT-Only requestsanytime from October 1st through to April 30th. Information about the AT- Only Loan Application will be communicated out later this spring.

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